Technical Support

We at SHAPE Water Solutions always make customer satisfaction our number one priority. We know you want ot meet and exceed your guests’ expectations and we are here to help you in any way possible. Appliances’ full installation, regular inspection and maintenance are included with all products we offer.


Our certified installation team will mount the necessary modules and parts at your location and will calibrate the whole system as per your on-site water supply. Multiple tests of the filters and the CO2 levels are conducted before the appliances are fully handed over. A custom, detailed service plan is made so that you are aware when your appliances will be serviced next.

On-site servicing

You will be automatically notified in advance via text or email for an upcoming service due so that we can schedule a time that best suits you and your team, and will have minimal disruption to your business.


Our maintenance team will carefully service and check your machine and will replace any parts or filters in need of change so that you keep producing the same pure and refreshing water.

Design and Optimization

We will design a complete filter system to suit your location and needs. No matter if your site is already fully completed or still under construction, we will be able to find a solution to fit your needs. We cater to all sizes and requirements – from small restaurants and cafes, to large office buildings and multi-level hotels.


The water-cooled filter systems have the capacity to cater to small or large venues with more than 400 seats, with ease. The efficiency of the machine helps the day-to-day operations and workflow optimization.


The innovative water-cooled filter system BluLink is crafted with hotels in mind. By installing a single chiller unit in the basement of the site we can easily feed multiple floors with chilled, still or sparkling water with multiple serving points. We can design a supply net based on your needs, requests and criteria – lobby area, SPA center, congress areas and meeting rooms or back-of-house solutions.


Flexible built-to-suit designs for small or large, multi-level offices. The water systems can be installed at up to 100m away from the supply and can cover up to 15 floors.

The Filtering Process

Our mission is to supply you with pure and refreshing water for you and your clients. The innovative technologies we use in the process are certified by numerous independent organizations.

The water filtered and chilled by SHAPE Water Solutions exceeds regular bottled water in cleanliness, health benefits, and taste.

Regular bottled water is usually exposed to direct sunlight, numerous hours of transportation and even months in storage units, which might be a dangerous trigger of bacterial build up or taste spoilage. On-site filtered water by SHAPE water solutions and the innovative filtering process is conducted in a closed circuit, omitting the transportation, sun exposure or prolonged storage, ensuring the water is always fresh and ready for consumption.

The quality of the produced water is always guaranteed as SHAPE Water Solutions takes the necessary steps in ensuring the appliances are in perfect conditions.

All installations are conducted in line with EPDWA standards (European Producers and Distributors of Water coolers Association).

We conduct the required services and filter checks based on a tailor-made service plan.