Our product range for restaurants has been specially designed to accommodate a wide range of venues with variety of sizes, seating capacity and dining options. Whether you’re managing a coffee bar, a bar and dinner venue with small to medium number of seats, or a large-scale restaurant with many seats, we have a solution for you! We have filtered water systems that are installed directly over the counter if you have enough space, or in case you don’t have enough space we install the water cooler under the counter and we place an elegant water column on top of the bar. Each HoReCa filtered water system provides cold, sparkling and room temperature water. All systems have electronic portion control for pre-metered quantities of water, depending on the needs of the outlet. Productivity is 30 to 280 liters per hour for cold or sparkling water at 4 ° C to 6 ° C


State-of-the-art design and technology. This is the top of the Bluglass range. The touch-screen control panel marks out the aesthetics and functionality of this jewel in the crown.

  • Made using sturdy stainless-steel and tempered glass
  •  Dispenses cold still water, room-temperature water and sparkling water
  •  Ice-bank cooling technology
  •  7” Touch Screen which displays the following information: management of alarm
    records and unit status, monitoring of liters dispensed for each type of water,
    screening of informative videos or adverts during stand-by.
  •  Diagnostic system with filter replacement alarm, UV lamp replacement alarm and
    CO2 monitoring
  •  Daily and hourly programming and scheduling of energy-saving function
  •  Portion Control which allows the customization of doses for a fast and convenient
  •  Use of natural gas R290
  •  Antibacterial protection
  •  Made in Italy


  • The new countertop water-cooler with an elegant, modern design…so sleek!
  •  Full stainless-steel finish with blue Plexiglas inserts
  •  Natural gas R290
  •  Same ice bank performance as the Fontemagna compact
  •  Easy opening for maintenance
  •  Inlet safety valve
  •  Dispensing point for bottles up to 37cm
  •  Electronic Commands or Manual mechanical tap
  •  Ice-bank level indicator visible from outside
  •  Replenishment of the ice-bank through connection
  •  Internal storage space for filtration and UV lamp (only for the model of 150lt/h)
  •  Antibacterial protection
  •  Made in Italy


Compact, powerful and built entirely in stainless steel, the smallest of the Blupura water coolers!


  • Dispenses still cold water, water at room temperature and sparkling cold water
  • Dry Cooling Technology
  • High quality stainless buttons 
  • Three levels of water filtration
  • Use of natural gas R290
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Made in Italy


All the elegance of the Bluglass design in a faucet with minimal footprint on the counter, professional-level performance and truly unique styling

  • Made using high-quality stainless steel and tempered glass
  • Dispenses cold still water, room-temperature water and sparkling water
  • Available the BLUGLASS TOWER HOT version 
  • Can be made to fit all types of undercounter coolers.
  • Made in Italy

BOX 150

  • The undercounter refrigerator easy to connect with any type of tap – perfect for the office and
    your bar/restaurant. Huge productivity to a max 280 lt/h.

  • Easy access to internal parts.

  •  Entirely made of stainless steel.

  •  Compact.

  •  With 3 supply options: cold still water, room temperature water, sparkling water.

  •  Professional steel carbonator.

  •  Pump protection system in case of lack of water.

  •  Antibacterial protection

  •  Made in Italy


Perfect for those with an eye for design but lack of space, and ideal for those who demand the performance of professional faucets.

  • Complete with volumetric portion control and made entirely in stainless steel (push
    buttons included), it can be combined with any type of under counter model.
  •  It has two supply options: cold still and sparkling water, or cold still and room
    temperature water.
  •  Made in Italy


Style bottle: every detail matters. Our elegant Italian-design glass bottle is an integral part of the SHAPE Water Solution’s concept and sign for an ultimate attention to details. The SHAPE Water glass bottle not only makes your tabletop more stylish, but also leaves your customers appreciative of your efforts to give them a more enjoyable experience.

  • Customized with your Logo
  •  0.750l with aluminum screw cap
  •  Available in exclusive wooden boxes of 12 pieces
  •  Reusable, suitable for washing in a professional dishwasher
  •  Imported from Italy


The eco-friendly bottle holder with exclusive design.

  • Whoever chooses the SHAPE Water Solutions concept loves efficiency, good service
    and beautiful design.
  •  For this reason, SHAPE Water Solutions offers not only a series of bottles customized
    with unique design, but completes its offer with the WOODEN BOX.
  •  Made entirely of wood, it can hold 12 bottles of STYLE BOTTLE


  • Easy to use, sturdy and reliable dish washer basket.
  •  Suitable for professional dishwashers
  •  Maximum capacity 25 bottles
  •  Size 50cm/50 cm