In our product range for offices, we have adaptable and flexible solutions for all kind of facilities, from small offices for 20 employees to large office buildings with + 6000 employees, from installation in a separate office kitchen to installation in a hallway, 100 meters away from the water supply.

Office filtered water systems provide cold, sparkling, room-temperature water and hot water ready for tea or soup. Production capacity is from 30 to 280 liters per hour for cold or sparkling water at 4 ° C.


Innovative design and cutting-edge technology in our new HYDRAZON, TOUCH FREE allows you to select your favorite water from 1.5 cm distance, for a safer use.
HYDRAZON is the perfect solution for any office or workplace.

  • Drip-tray full alert: a LED indicates when the drip-tray is full. The driptray also allows an optional drain connection.
  • Dispensing area: tall and illuminated.
  • Use of totally natural (HC) refrigrant gases, such as R600a.
  • Dispenses 4 types of water: still cold, room temperature, sparkling and hot water.
  • Energy Saving function to reduce energy consumption during periods of non-use.
  • r competitors on the market
  • Cold, ambient, hot water – ready for tea or soup
  • Made in Germany

Bestwater Jungbrunnen 25-00

Its unique filtration technology makes Bestwater filtered water system highly recommended to all those passionate about filtration.


  • Can be installed more than 100 meters from the water source, setting it apart from all other competitors on the market
  • Cold, ambient, hot water – ready for tea or soup
  • Made in Germany

Filtering process

Stage 1 – combination of pre-filters – sediment / activated carbon
The water from the pipeline first passes through the sediment filter, where mechanical impurities such as rust, sand, dust, particles and other visible and invisible contaminants are released.

At the same time, gases such as chlorine are also removed through activated charcoal, made up of coconut bark and zeolite mineral.

Stage 2 – activated charcoal filter
Granules GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) removes aromatic hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides and gases (f. A. chlorine).

Step 3 – RO Molecular Purification – Filter Membrane
On the principle of reverse osmosis, the membrane separates the dissolved solids, such as calcium, chlorides, nitrates, etc., as well as solid and liquid organic compounds. The separated water, which contains foreign substances, is discharged into the sewer

Stage 4 – High Energy Module: Light-Crystal-Energy
In the Light-Crystal-Energy energy module, water is charged with bio-photons at a frequency of 13 Hz, restructured with zeolite and enriched with oxygen. You have unlimited source of pure, crystal clear and high-quality water that can be cold, hot or at room temperature.


Compact, powerful and entirely made out of steel, BluSoda has been proven to deliver high performance and reliability.

  • Sparkling, cold, ambient,hot water
  • Dry cooling technology
  • High quality steel control buttons
  • Two-stage water filtration
  • Ecological refrigerant R290
  • Made in Italy


Contemporary design, incredible compactness, illuminated water nozzle area, absolute convenience.
Picola is a convenient and practical solution for any office.

  • Sparkling, cold, ambient, hot water

  • BDC Blupura Direct Chill Water Cooling Technology

  • LED control buttons

  • Alarm for suspended water supply and flood protection

  • Two-stage water filtration

  • Energy saving mode

  • Made in Italy


Impressive design, exceptional build quality, high performance and high technology, perfect for
integration within your kitchen units, Bluseven is a 7-way dispenser.

  • Modern design: made entirely out of stainless steel with high-tech components.
  • Electronic display with touch-screen controls.
  • Up to 7 dispensing options: unfiltered cold and hot water, filtered cold / room
    temperature / sparkling / semi-sparkling / hot water.
  • For exclusive use with Blupura approved coolers.
  • Compact control unit.
  • Two-stage water filtration
  • Made in Italy