Our product range for hotels is focused on addressing the complex nature of hotel management, aiming to meet hoteliers’ unique needs – from large variety of serving points, to varied capacity needs, and diverse purposes. Reception desk, Lobby, Coffee, Bar, Breakfast restaurant, A la carte restaurant, SPA, Conference rooms, Sky bar, Rooftop, swimming pools – we have the solutions! We have custom solutions for every point and we can even build water stations on each floor that are powered by one system. We design each solution carefully so that we meet your needs as precisely as possible. Each HoReCa filtered water system provides cold, sparkling and room temperature water. Every system has electronic portion control for pre-metered quantities of water, depending on the needs of the establishment. Productivity varies from 30 to 280 liters per hour for cold or sparkling water at 4 ° C.


BluLink – Our most innovative solution provides cold and sparkling water for your customers anywhere in your hotel. A water-cooling filter system connects to a number of elegant wall mounted dispensers at the most appropriate points on each floor.

Amazing performance, elegant steel minimalistic design, space saving, safe, hygienic and totally silent, with zero impact on global warming… There are so many ways to describe BluLink. Simply brilliant – a centralized unit serving multiple drinking stations placed throughout a building and on different floors, for unlimited cool, still and sparkling water. In a way, that’s cooler than anything you’ve ever seen.

The new star of innovation and design.

  • Essential design
  • Versatile
  • can be fitted anywhere
  • Minimal size and modular design
  • Soundproof dispensing point
  • Still and sparkling water
  • Antibacterial UV light system
  • Natural refrigerant gas
  • Recyclable materials
  • Unlimited water supply
  • Made in Italy

1. CO2 Auto Changer
2. Control box
3. GSM Intelly system
4. UV Lamp Antibacterial protection
5. Recirculation pump
6. BOX 280
7. Filtration
8. CO2 Cylinders

Technical room:

This is the heart of BluLink where the hi-tech system filters, cools, and fizzes the water and then distributes it throughout the circuit.

BOX 280

The undercounter solution for supplying the largest quantities of water than the entire
range of water-coolers.
Our large range of options guarantees that we will meet your unique needs.

  • High capacity up to 280 l / h

  • Sparkling, cold and ambient water

  • Ice Bank or Dry Cooling technology for rapid cooling of water

  • Ecological refrigerant R290

  • Three-stage filtration for crystal clear water

  • Antibacterial protection

  • Made in Italy


Perfect for those with an eye for design but lack of space, and ideal for those who demand the
performance of professional faucets.

  • Complete with volumetric portion control and made entirely in stainless steel (including
    the push buttons), it can be combined with any type of under counter model.
  • It has two supply options: cold still and sparkling water, or cold still and room
    temperature water.
  • Made in Italy

Fontemagna Steel

A FONTEMAGNA filtered water-cooler system with push button commands, but as good as ever and with all the advantages of the R290 ecological gas!

  • Well insulated ice-bank for high volume supply of cold, still and sparkling water.
  • 150lt per hour (80lt running water) or 80 lt/h (45 lt/h) for filling bottles, carafes,
  • Double cooling-coil, one for cold water and one other for sparkling water.
  • 3 supply options (FONTEMAGNA FIZZ): cold water + room-temperature water +
    cold sparkling water.
  • Professional carbonator in stainless steel.
  • Glass touch screen commands, for ease of use and hygiene.
  • Self-diagnostic alarm in case of insufficient water supply, main water supply
    outage, or empty CO2 cylinder.
  • Both the body and internal parts of the cooler are in Stainless steel, with plastic
    parts kept to the absolute minimum. Thanks to the quality of the material used,
    (e.g. steel, aluminum and glass), the entire machine is easily recyclable.
  • Three-stage filtration for crystal clear water
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Made in Italy