Flexible solutions to fit large variety of outlets, any size and any purpose.
Modern filtration is providing fresh and tasty water by removing all impurities while keeping vital for the body minerals.
Infinite source of ice cold still or sparkling water
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Cost of SHAPE Water is way lower than the bottled water you are serving now
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SHAPE Water reducing your carbon footprint from production, transportation, storage and recycling of plastic bottles
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About Us

SHAPE Water Solutions is the ultimate water solution, developed specifically for the HoReCa segment, aiding in higher profitability and efficiency compared to regular plastic bottled water, while also providing an eco-friendly an environmentally conscious alternative.

Using your own water supply and our sophisticated Italian appliances you are able to convert your regular tap into pure and more refreshing water ready to be served in a personalized glass bottle.

By utilizing our Italian-made machines you can efficiently produce both still and sparkling water with ease.

Restaurant solutions

By streamlining the process of efficiently serving bottled water, SHAPE Water Solutions is beneficial for both your guests and your team.

Saves time
Your team will spend less time and energy doing inventory checks, placing orders and interacting with vendors. Moreover, our efficient appliances are capable of filling up to 3 bottles at once, assisting your team with a swift and smooth service.

Saves efforts
Your team will no longer have to transfer and move heavy cases of water.

Saves space
Extra storage space is always a plus and by utilizing our machines you will no longer need to keep cases of water stored and lying around.

Saves Energy
Your team will no longer have to stock and chill water in the fridges.

Your team will no longer have to worry about logistics, vendor vetting, deposits or other administrative tasks.

Increase in profitability
The cost of producing water in-house by utilizing SHAPE Water Solutions is way lower than the cost of purchasing and reselling bottled water, thus contributing to higher profit margins. Moreover, the unlimited sparkling water supply gives the opportunity for some creativity in crafting some house-special lemonades or sparkling soda mixes. 

Our Italian-made, elegant glass bottles with your restaurant logo, used to serve the water, will transform any table adding a flair of sophistication and making your guests feel special.

Hotel Solutions

The guest is always priority number one in the hotel industry. Every little detail in making the guests’ stay more enjoyable counts towards being the hotel of choice and retaining these guests for future stays.

SHAPE Water Solutions has plenty to offer to hotels, resorts, casinos, convention centers and catering providers. By utilizing our products, you can showcase attention to detail and contribute to a more exclusive experience for your guests.

SHAPE Water Solutions maximizes return on investment by utilizing your own water supply. The water can be either offered as an included refreshment in the lobby areas or the SPA reception, or can be converted into a stream of income by including it in the restaurant’s menu and placing it in the rooms. The unlimited supply of refreshing still and sparkling water produced in-house and served in an elegant Italian-made personalized bottle is the perfect way to boost your brand and help with exposure. With the use of our appliances and a little creativity you can easily come up with an amazing house-specialty lemonade or other exotic sparkling soda mixes.

Office Solutions

Recruiting and retaining the best talents is a key goal for every successful organization. Nowadays companies spend ample amounts of resources to provide various perks to empoyees, such as offering free breakfast and snacks, covering transportation expenses, or even children daycare, in order to retain their best team members. Let’s not forget about necessities and pay attention to the more simple but vital needs.

With SHAPE Water Solutions your team members will stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day, enjoying unlimited supply of perfectly purified water.

With SHAPE Water Solutions you gain:

Easy to use 12-ways filtering system with on-demand cold, still, and hot water choices.

No need of stocking and moving heavy, plastic water jugs.

Free up some space in the office that used to store all the water jugs and water cases.

Utilizing your own water supply is more cost-effective than purchasing bottled water.

Eco-friendly and environmentally conscious approach.

How does it work?

Filtering water from the supply

Innovative, new generation, filtering system that is capable of removing water dirt and pollutants bigger than 0.5 microns, eliminating unpleasant water odor, getting rid of bad taste, and ensuring antibacterial protection.

Chill and carbonate to taste

Your newly filtered water is fresh and pure, served at the perfect temperature to taste – chilled, still or carbonated. The filtering system will automatically and precisely top up our elegant glass bottles without the need of attention, which not only makes the process smoother and more efficient, but also contributes to time and energy savings.

Elegant Italian-made glass bottles

Our Italian-made and designed glass bottles can alsp be personalized and branded with your logo and slogan. The attention to the finest detail is sure to be noticed and appreciated by your clients.

Income generation

Committing to a monthly subscription you receive an unlimited supply of very high quality, refreshing drinking water at a much lower cost than the regular bottled water. Moreover, having sparkling water on tap is providing you with an amazing opportunity to experiment with home-made, exclusive lemonades or other carbonated mixed drinks, bringing high profit margins.