La Pastaria restaurant is the perfect place for any occasion – whether it is a business occasion, a romantic date or just grabbing a bite with friends they got you covered.

La Pastaria is a family owned authentic Italian restaurant betting on the exquisite taste and sharing the emotions around the creation of culinary delights.
“Chi ha nome, ha robe” in Italian translates to “A good name is the best of all treasures” – Famous Italian Proverb.
Thanks to the exquisite service, tasty dishes and friendly environment La Pastaria’s name is well known around the city and the whole team are doing their best to keep the reputation up on daily basis. All of the dishes are authentic featuring some specialties crafted from more than 15 years old secret Italian recipes, paired with a vast amount of wines from all over the world. The cozy and peaceful interior design of the restaurant will fully immerse you in the Italian spirit.
We treat all our guests as family! We always want the best for our guests thus we chose SHAPE Water Solutions. By using their services we are not only totally eliminating the use of plastic, bottled water but we are also taking great care for our guests’ health and safety by serving them with pure and refreshing water fully made on site. Moreover, using SHAPE Water Solution’s on-site freshly carbonated water we achieve a better tasting and more refreshing home-made lemonades.
La Pastaria chose ECOCHIC I. T.80 FIZZ:

Umami Japanese Food and Garden – An amazing venue for the true connoisseurs

Delicious and original food served in a cozy and refined atmosphere – this is what you can expect from the unique experience of dining in Umami Japanese Food and Garden. With its original, artisan dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine, and the amazing outdoors garden, modeled by Hotel New Otani’s 400-year-old Japanese garden in Tokyo, the restaurant is able to fully immerse you in Asian culture. The attention to detail is impeccable – the unique indoors interior is an actual Sakura house, brought in from Japan.

Umami Japanese Food and Garden is one of the very few restaurants which utilize the robatayaki technique – a method of cooking, similar to BBQ in which items of food are cooked at varying speeds over hot charcoal thus reaching cooking perfection, ultimate flavor, and maximum juiciness. 

“We at Umami consider water to be the 4th macronutrient. By using SHAPE Water Solutions, we would like to present our guests with high quality pure water – a much better alternative to over-mineralized bottled water. By multi-level sophisticated filtration of all impurities the water served is not only refreshing but is also featuring a strong antibacterial protection. Moreover, by freshly dispensing the water, Shape Water Solutions skips the process of plastic bottling thus eliminating all the toxins and chemicals that are usually released in bottled water.                   

Umami Japanese Food and Garden chose the system ECOCHIC I.T. 80 which will be utilized both for serving fresh table water and for crafting the house-special carbonated mixed drinks.

Umami 2
Umami 3

Jovanni Pizza – Keeping Guests Happy with Tasty Food and Friendly Atmosphere

For almost 20 years now, JOVANNI Pizza and Grill is a symbol of cozy atmosphere, tasty food, and friendly service for its guests in Mladost Neighborhood. The residents of this rapidly growing, modern neighborhood, are regularly visiting JOVANNI Pizza and Grill to once again enjoy the rich menu of the restaurant – from handmade Italian pizzas through the traditional Bulgarian cuisine all the way to authentic Serbian charcoal grilled specialties. You won’t be able to resist.

The diverse menu options combined with the friendly and professional staff is a recipe for a perfect guest experience every time, making JOVANNI Pizza and Grill the restaurant for any occasion. Whether you want a quick bite for lunch, or you are planning a warm family gathering, JOVANNI has got you covered with its tasty food and cozy ambience.

Alongside its tasty food offerings JOVANNI will now also be serving refreshing and pure still and sparkling water that is made on site.

“We chose SHAPE Water Solution’s perfectly working model due to the following benefits it offers – ease of use, efficiency, and most importantly it’s eco-friendly. Every step towards saving the environment and keeping pollution at bay is important and SHAPE Water Solutions is aiding in making the process easier and smoother. With the use of its services we will be able to filtrate, chill and carbonate water right here on site just before serving it to our guests, thus ensuring the best taste possible but also eliminating all the transportation and water bottling needed for serving the alternative mineral water.” Vutkovi family, owners of the restaurant have commented. 

JOVANNI Pizza and Grill chose BLUGLASS TOWER model featuring a beautiful design combined with great output power.

Jovani 2
Jovani 3

The JOBO team is proud to declare their social responsibility!!!

For JOBO, food is more than a necessity … food is an experience that is measured not only by the taste of the dishes, but also by the precious minutes spent in rest, pleasure and enjoyment. Guided by this principle, they decided to give life to their ideas and thus created the wonderful restaurant in the heart of Capital Fort. Combining their love for cooking and good food, which they always prepare fresh in-house, with a positive attitude and in a pleasant atmosphere, their goal is to offer you a great experience every time you choose their restaurant.

The JOBO team takes care of your healthy and delicious food on a daily basis and now proudly states its responsible position with regard to environmental protection. With the help of SHAPE Water Solutions, they begin to filter, cool and carbonate the water that they’ll serve you. By stopping the use of plastic bottles in the restaurant, they will limit harmful emissions from production, transportation, storage and cooling of bottled water. JOBO chose ECOCHIC I.T. 80 to use for both serving table water and for making their own line of homemade lemonade!